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 Choose 2 Capital Letters Monogram


Size: 12”x12” Plexiglass.


Features: Frameless, Floating Plexiglass, Ready to display.


Add On: Add a monogram with 2 letters as shown in the pictures.


Material: Museum quality print, mounted on plexiglass ready to display on your. favorite wall.


Code ID:


Artist: Chady Elias


Copyright: Copyright © Chady Elias – Chady, LLC

All rights reserved. Designs, Digital Files, Digital Pictures, Images, and Artworks are Copyrighted by Artist Chady Elias.






2 Capital Letters Monogram | 12”x12” | Plexiglass

  • A - Letters

    Choose two alphabet letters, that represent you.

    Example 1: Initials - First letter of your first name and first letter of last name.

    Example 2: First letter of your first name and First letter of your Loved one first name.

    Example 3: First letter of your Last name and First letter of your Loved one Last name.

    Your monogram should consist of two English alphabet letters as it is demonstrated in the artwork pictures.


    B - Monogram Format

    Choose one of the following formats, with 2 letters

    Example:  AB or BA

    C - COLORS

    The colors of the monogram are part of the artworks and can not be changed.

    Colors are:

    Alphabet Letters: Red with black contour on white background

    See artwork pictures

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